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Experience beyond reality

Live your emotions like never before.


A Virtual Tour is an interactive tool which allows one to move through an environment as a first person experience by taking advantage from fully interactive 360° photos.


Thrill your potential customers.


Effectively promote your business.


Navigate any location as if you are actually there.



Filled with custom crafted interactive content


With a Virtual Tour you can fully enjoy the place you are visiting. With this tool, you can allow anyone to visit your business place or any other location you want.
Virtual Tours offered by Logica VR can be enriched with interactive pop-ups and interfaces allowing one to reach the maximum level of detail.

Try our Virtual Tours and discover the immersivity of Logica VR

Logica VR offers exclusive high immersivity features:

  • Live Panorama: feel the flow of time. With the Live Panorama feature you can show the flow of time in any environment to reflect its peculiar atmosphere in any moment of the day or night.
  • Adaptive HDR: The Adaptive HDR feature can replicate the natural human reaction to light and its various intensities. This is achieved by gradually and dynamically adjusting the exposure of the 360° panoramic pictures.
  • Directional Audio: Dive into the exlusive vibes of a Virtual Tour! Fell sounds changing according to your movement inside the Virtual Tour.

Advertise and promote your business with a unique and exlusive experience.

Facebook and Google already allow their users to upload and enjoy the beauty of 360° photography: many companies already benefit from this opportunity.

Take a step! Contact us to create a Virtual Tour and panoramic photos ready to be shared with your users anywhere on the web, including social networks.

360° Videos allow users to fully experience any location they are visiting. With a panoramic video one can live inside a moving world.

Catch and enjoy any detail by pausing the video and explore a 360° still environment. Move backwards and enjoy the same environment from another perspective.

Customization at the maximum level. Logica VR can customize your Virtual Tours to fully integrate with your business brand identity and atmosphere.

Our Virtual Tours are crafted according to your specific requirements and desires. Contact us for a free survey!

Logica VR  is a certified Google Street View professional.

Trust only certified professionals for high quality Virtual Tours.


1. Survey

We schedule an appointment at your desired place to discuss and exchange the Virtual Tours details and agree upon desired features. We will schedule an appropriate date for the photo session.

2. Photo Session

The photo session will be planned and arranged in order to have no impact on your daily business tasks.

3. Production

Right after the photographic session, we will elaborate photos, videos and sounds to create the Virtual Tour.

4. Review and Release

When the production work is done, we will arrange a second meeting to review the final work and deliver the final product.



Increase in sales


Percentage of customers trusting business mapping tools when choosing a company over another.


Increased likelihood of arousing interest of website users


Here you can fine answers to common question. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us at any time. We will be glad to be helpful!

How much time does the creation of a Virtual Tour require?

The amount of time required for the creation of a Virtual Tour depends on the amount of panoramic pictures and details to be included.

Tipically, 2 hours are needed for the photo shoot session. According to the amount of desired features, further time is needed for software post processing. The average delivery time of a Virtual Tour is withing 2 weeks from the photo shoot.

How can i show a Virtual Tour to my customers?

Logica VR offers different ways to show Virtual Tours:

  1. Hosting on your website: all Virtual Tour files are hoster on your website hosting space. Further editing of the existing VT is subject to the website specifics and features. The Virtual Tour can be displayed on any browser both on computer, MAC and mobile devices (tablet and smartphones).
  2. Hosting on hour dedicated platform: the VT is hosted on our custom platform specifically designed to serve this pourpose. This solution allows us to satisfy any editing or updates as fast as possible. The Virtual Tour can be displayed on any browser both on computer, MAC and mobile devices (tablet and smartphones).
  3. Local binary: the Virtual Tour is delivered as a self-executable package for both Windows and OSX. This is the perfect solution for Virtual Tours to be shown in fairs or exhibitions as demos or advertising.
Is there a Membership Program?

Of course! Contact us to arrange the Membership details!

Does a Virtual Tour work on smartphones and tablets?

All our Virtual Tours are perfectly compatible with any device: Windows, MAC, smartphones and tablets.

Is an active internet connection always needed for a Virtual Tour to work?

Not at all! According to your requirements, we can provide an offline version of the VT that can be visualized as a private presentation on computers (Windows or MAC, on CD or USB) or smartphones/tablets.

How much is a Virtual Tour?

The price of a VT depends on the following factors:

  • Number of panoramic pictures
  • Number and type of hotspot (items of interaction) to be included. During the survey, we will advice you with a proper amount and type of hotspot for your Virtual Tour.
    If you already have a clear idea of the amount of photos and hotspot for your virtual tour, contact us for a free quotation.

Still got something to ask? Don't be shy!

Write us whenever you want, we will catch up as fast as we can, providing you with all the infos you need.

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